Do you want to submit a guest post? We are happy to start offering a guest blog on our site. If you would like to submit an article, please submit a summary of your proposed article, including the title and basic outline, less than 100 words. You may also submit a full article if you have one already written. Please be aware that the submission of a summary or full article is no guarantee of acceptance. We are happy to accept guest posts from professional bloggers, transport and logistics professionals, and industry experts looking to provide helpful information. Please follow our submission guidelines below.


  • Articles must be original and unique, not “spin” or rewritten versions of existing articles.
  • The article should be written between 1000-3000 words.
  • Articles should link to relevant references (maximum 2 do follow-links).
  • Cite your sources – any statistics or facts must be supported and references and links to the source included.
  • Only include graphics that you own, or that are in the public domain.
  • Authors may have two links in their bio (e.g. a personal blog and professional/company website).
  • If accepted and published, the article will belong exclusively to The Otslogistic and may not be re-published by the author elsewhere.