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Part Load Service

Part load or part truckload (PTL) is the process of shipment. In this way, companies can ship their products at a minimal cost. Many different shipments are kept together in a truck and deliver it to multiple locations. In this process, you don’t need to pay for the full truck shipment cost, and only you have to pay only for your load capacity.


We are providing part-load transport service in 50+ cities, including Delhi, Haryana, and all towns of Uttar Pradesh. We deal in all sizes of shipment; our part load service is customizable and user friendly; you will get an on-time tracking system for your shipment.

Partload service

Benefit Of Part Load Service

Cost Effective

Part load service is cost-effective because, in this service, companies have to pay only for their product load capacity, not more than that.


Part load shipment is customizable and easy to manage when you have a small, less than full truckload shipment, and you can customize and buy your space.

Less freight handling

When your shipment is less, that means it will easy to handle, reducing the chances of product damage while carrying.

Less documentation required

In the part-load transport service, the documentation requirement is less than usual and easy to manage the shipment and reduces shipment handling costs.

Multiple location stops

The full truckload can be expensive in multiple location shipping. Using this service, you can reduce your expanse in numerous shipments.

Environment friendly

In this process, fewer trucks required for many shipping less than truckload reduce carbon commission to live in a healthy environment.

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