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    How it works

    Part load transport service is a efficient way to transport the to load from origin to the destination with safety and cost effective way.



    Picking up the load from multiple location and stored in warehouses.

    Step 2


    completing the process store, dispatch, and creating data and invoice.

    Step 3


    Deliver to the final consumer different locations safely and fast delivery.

    Part Load Transport Service

    Part load transport service (PTL) is the type of shipment which increases efficiency and use fewer resources. In this way, customer can reduce their shipment cost as much they want because many different loads are kept together in a truck and deliver to multiple locations. In that way, you don’t need to pay for the full truckload shipment cost, and only you have to pay only for your load capacity, which decreases the cost of transportation. We are providing part load transport service in 100+ cities, including Delhi, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Punjab, and all towns of Uttar Pradesh. Either Your shipment is small or oversized. We deliver it to the right place and right time; our part load service is customizable and user-friendly; you will get an on-time tracking system for your shipment with our advanced GPS technology.

    Part Truck Load

    Experience high-quality transport service with a professional part-load service provider in India. Here you get real-time tracking, timely delivery all Over Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Haryana and Punjab. Otslogistic provide on-time delivery guaranteed with affordable prices for every business, the best logistic Company needs best quality transport otslogistic use only smart and safe trucks for transportation, and we are available 24/7 for your shipment delivery.  

    As a reputed and trusted logistic service provider, we have designed our transportation and warehousing service, customisable and cost-effective. Part load transport service is suitable for small and medium-sized companies that do not require the complete truck for their load. We are available to provide service for every size of the shipment. The size of the box makes no difference to us – we treat all of them with utmost care and ensure safe delivery. With a flexible pricing system and customised service, you are only required to pay for the volume/weight of the consignment being shipped.

    For small companies it isn’t easy to have a separate department where they can store shipment and purchase logistics tools and equipment because it is expensive, Businesses needs logistics partner who can handle this work for them. Therefore, a part truckload is always best for the Company with a small amount of package size and takes less space of the truck because it reduces the cost of the shipment and easy to handle.

    Benefits of Part truckload shipment.

    A part truckload is a good option for shoppers looking for a cost-effective shipping solution that falls between LTL and full truckload. Benefits of partial truckload include:

    One truck: Part truckload delivery allows your shipment to load on one truck for the duration of transportation. When only one truck is involved, the freight is loaded and unloaded once, which means less handling and faster transit times than LTL.

    No freight class is required: Freight class is not required for partial truckload shipping, which can help you avoid extra charges associated with freight re-classification if you happen to get it wrong. Less shipment handling: When freight is handled less, the chance for damage is reduced. Partial truckload can be ideal for shipments susceptible to damage during loading and unloading.

    We Provide the Best Part Load Services

    We are the best part truckload service provider in Uttar Pradesh; we deliver quality services under the supervision of qualified and laborious professionals; who customise your part truck loads in sync with our client’s specifications.

    Our Company takes pride in being the best part truckload service provider in Uttar Pradesh, and we provide reliable and economical services with varied types of truck available with a click of a button. As a genuine and leading part truck load service providers, we capture every transaction route and strive hard to meet all your requirements.

    Why we are the best Part Truck Load services provider?

    Part truckload services are the best option for companies looking small Amount of shipment in fewer amounts of time, minimum handling, and more eco-friendly solutions. It is best advantageous for all those companies whose cargo is less than the full truckload. We take pride in providing the best part truckload services to meet the needs of our esteemed patrons.

    • We allow our clients to get the best and maximum benefits of their logistics costs and offer affordable part truckload services that enable the client to transmit even small-sized cargo at the destined location without any need of hiring a full truck.
    • We cater to all competing cargo transportation of various clients at one route and provide cohesive logistic solutions. Our reduced time and cost for part truckload services have benefitted the shippers with maximum profitability.
    • We execute our services using state of the art and advanced techniques that are in tune with set industrial standards.

    Benefit Of Part Load Transport Service


    Part load service is cost-effective because, in this service, companies have to pay only for their product load capacity, not more than that.


    Part load shipment is customizable and easy to manage when you have a small, less than full truckload shipment, and you can customize and buy your space.


    When your shipment is less, that means it will easy to handle, reducing the chances of product damage while carrying.


    In the part-load transport service, the documentation requirement is less than usual and easy to manage the shipment and reduces shipment handling costs.


    The full truckload can be expensive in multiple location shipping. Using this service, you can reduce your expanse in numerous shipments.


    In this process, fewer trucks required for many shipping less than truckload reduce carbon commission to live in a healthy environment.

    When to choose partial truckload.

    Less Amount of shipment: If your load is not heavy and not take complete space of the truck space. Part truckload may be a better option than Full truckload.

    Fragile products

    A partial truckload is a good option if you are concerned about freight damage. Less handling decreases the odds of cargo being damaged during transit.

    Cost Efficient

    With a partial truckload, you pay for space and weight capacity you use.

    The professional transporters undertake the whole shipment tasks within the coordinated manner to form this job smooth and every one the packages are administrated on the given time, which makes customers happy. The professionals connected with us make sure that each of the orders is delivered to your door on time.

    Part Truck Load Services in having great knowledge and proficiency on the topic of those jobs. The expert's drivers can move anywhere in India as he knows all the right routes and road networks, and for that reason, these professionals are capable of presenting the most effective Part Load Logistic services for your business.

    The professionals take care of your goods as they need experience and are well informed with the negative and positive effects of the part load services. But this the professional companies connected with us present our clients with the best transport solutions at moderate Part Load Transport Service Charges in Rajahmundry.

    Nowadays, the ecommerce business is growing; part-load transport service has become a major need for many companies and organisations. This is because ecommerce companies have to transport their small size of shipment to a different location. After all, hiring a complete truckload becomes expensive and not suitable for small size shipments. Part load is beneficial for small business because it is cost-efficient, and they get easily accessible the benefit of the logistics service for their business. Transportation is the essential requirement for every manufacturing Company. It needs transportation regularly or frequently.

    Part load Service is managed with proper supervision of the consignments. They also engage other services that include material handling, warehousing, inventory & transportation. In addition, our associated Part Load Service providers successfully perform the storage and distribution of resources from their point of source to their endpoint.

    One of the best benefits of the part load is when the products are transported with multiple company cargo; it reduces shipment cost, the total cost of carrying with group saving money. Therefore, you do not need to spend more money on small shipments.

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    It's Completely safe to book part-load service for any shipment. If your shipment is not significant, then the part load is the best option for you.

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