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    Full Truck Load

    Full truckload (FTL) is a type of shipment where a truck carries only one dedicated load. In this service, the vehicle is reserved by one client for shipment. Full truckload services are required by those businesses who want to ship bulk and heavy load freight. the full truckload is a faster solution for large volume freight.

    We are providing full truckload service in 50+ cities including Delhi, Haryana, and all location of Uttar Pradesh. We deal in all sizes of shipment our part load service is customisable and user friendly, you will get on-time tracking system for your shipment

    Full truck Load Shipment

    Benefit Of Full Truck Load Service


    In part-truckload service, a truck carries many different companies shipment, but in full truckload, only your shipment will be in a truck and goes to the destination where you want.


    For Large Shipments, a full truckload is the best solution; it provides full authority on the transport and customizes space according to the goods.


    Transportation of goods requires a lot of time and effort. If your shipment is sensitive and in bulk, it’s better to transport with a full truckload. It will stop only at your destination.


    When you have booked a complete space of a vehicle than your shipment will go in the same transport and there is no switching or repacking in involved the transportation.


    With full truckload, you don’t need to worry about your shipment size and weight because in this service the compete space of the truck is reserved for you.


    PTL (part truckload) is a bit expensive for a large shipment. If your shipment is in bulk, then full truckload is the right option for you; it saves your cost and time.