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    Full Truck Load

    Full truckload (FTL) is a type of shipment where a truck carries only one dedicated load. In this service, the vehicle is reserved by one client for shipment. Full truckload services are required by those businesses who want to ship bulk and heavy load freight. the full truckload is a faster solution for large volume freight. We are providing full truckload service in 50+ cities including Delhi, Haryana, and all location of Uttar Pradesh. We deal in all sizes of shipment our part load service is customisable and user friendly, you will get on-time tracking system for your shipment. Full Truck Load Commonly referred to as FTL, is a shipping mode whereby a truck carries one committed shipment. To put it differently, the journey is reserved for a single shipment only. 

    Full truck Load Shipment

    Thus, a full truckload is a shipment where a comprehensive truck carries only one company’s shipment and delivers it to a different location given by the company. Otslogistic ensures that for you. For transport economics and for passing on price benefits to clients, we also consider the type of Cargo which can be accommodated in precisely the same truck or whether it has to be shipped separately in a different truck. The most important factor in logistics is truck cargo transport ensuring just in time approach or at least with decreased transit time. We are aware of the sensitivity of customers’ requirements and will provide apt and relevant equipment for successful managing, besides organizing regulatory compliance for your valuable cargo movement. Rest assured, you can leave the transportation worries to us and focus on your own business.

    Full truckloads Work out more economical for large enough shipments to fill or nearly fill a whole shipping container. Full truckloads are much less burdened by size and weight limitations, unlike courier transportation or FTL, shipments get into the destination earlier, as the truck is making no other pickups or drop-offs on the way. FTL transportation means less handling (there is no moving involving trucks mid-transit), the shipment is likely to get lost or damaged. Full Truck Load (FTL) Transportation services form part of their core offerings in the Otslogistic Transport Division, including end-to-end multimodal transportation with loading services catered through hired and owned fleet for bulk goods movement on a pan India. Otslogistic offers a customized or technical fleet for meeting customers’ particular conditions. As an authority in the transportation services provider, we assess your company should match using a carrier that can accommodate your dispatch deadline in the most cost-effective manner possible. The client must comprehend the fundamental and state laws and requirements at transit checkpoints for seamless movement.

    Why shift Truckloads to Full truck Load Truckloads?

    Optimizing Truckloads to Full Truckloads (FTLs) improves the use of trucks and reduces transportation costs, the number of deliveries, the risk of damage, and empty mileage. A Total Truckload (FTL) means the number of goods (which can be bulk/liquid), which will be enough to fill at a Full Truckload, or otherwise, it’s better to select a dedicated truck to get a partial load taking security or security of the load shipment into consideration. On the flip side, another shipment, contrary to FTL, is less than Truckload (PTL). Part truck load means that numerous, i.e., more than one, orders or cargoes are united to a single truckload and can typically be employed by a third party of logistics (3PL) operators that combine shipments from several customers together into one loading a hub-and-spoke network.

    Cost Savings: dependent on the exact type of products, there could be a cost-saving variable associated with FTL shipping. For example, pricing is based upon the lanes and miles traveled rather than a cargo’s classification. That means that if your shipment were scheduled to get a high-volume destination, you would spend less than if your merchandise were moving to a different site.

    Rate: If you want goods Moved fast, this type of service is ideal since it’s a faster shipping method than PTL.

    Less Risk: Using a complete truckload, your goods aren’t managed during transport. For that reason, any danger of mishandling or damage to the Cargo decreases significantly. Reduces your carbon footprint — A full truckload benefits in much more freight moving with less impact on the environment. As one of the most reputable and trusted full truckload shipping firms in India, you’ll be 100 percent confident in the calibre of services that we provide. We promise that each customer is going to get courteous and professional service.

    Benefit Of Full Truck Load Service


    In part-truckload service, a truck carries many different companies shipment, but in full truckload, only your shipment will be in a truck and goes to the destination where you want.


    For Large Shipments, a full truckload is the best solution; it provides full authority on the transport and customizes space according to the goods.


    Transportation of goods requires a lot of time and effort. If your shipment is sensitive and in bulk, it’s better to transport with a full truckload. It will stop only at your destination.


    When you have booked a complete space of a vehicle than your shipment will go in the same transport and there is no switching or repacking in involved the transportation.


    With full truckload, you don’t need to worry about your shipment size and weight because in this service the compete space of the truck is reserved for you.


    PTL (part truckload) is a bit expensive for a large shipment. If your shipment is in bulk, then full truckload is the right option for you; it saves your cost and time.

    FTL (full truck load) in this complete truck booked by only one client but in PTL (part truck load) one truck carries multiple clients shipment and deliver it to different location. In PTL Customer pay only for their shipment size and weight but in FTL company owns truck for delivery.

    Full truck load is a type of shipment process where complete truck reserved by one company and truck goes only one client given location.

    If you are booking full truck load that means your load is enough to fill the maximum limit load of the truck it is up to you if you want to book full truck load for your small size shipment than you can book but it cost more if your shipment size is less.

    Full truck load (FTL) is expensive compared to FTL service because truck is not shared it’s only booked by 1 client that’s why full truck load is expensive.

    There are different sizes of trucks which is big to small you can choose truck according the size of your shipment.